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Homeowners nationwide are dealing with the ongoing problem of maintaining their gutters. It’s a key task, but a stressful one. Keeping your gutters clean ensures that they work properly to protect your property from water damage, but it can be a dangerous task to clean them yourself and expensive to get a professional to do the job. Leave your gutters unattended and clogging could end up in your gutters becoming damaged and mold and damp spreading through your home. So, how do you care for your problem gutters? LeafFilter Grand Rapids best gutter guard have the answer with some Grand Rapid, MI gutter guards.

Made With Durable Materials

We make the patented Grand Rapids leaf gutter guards using cutting edge high quality materials. The micromesh screens are manufactured using stainless steel which is designed for rust and corrosion resistance, while the strong frames are made from robust uPVC. We’re so confident of their durability that we offer a lifetime guarantee and transferable warranty on your purchase.

Effective And Efficient

You’ll be delighted by how effective these gutter guards are. With their innovative design, you can be confident that rain water will run through into the gutter while debris like leaves, pine needles and grit are prevented from blocking the system. Trained fitters are on hand to make sure that the pitch is just right for your roof to ensure perfect functionality and since the solutions are fitted onto your existing guttering you won’t need to pay for replacement gutters.

Fast Professional Grand Rapids Gutter Guards Installation

LeafFilter Gutter Guard Grand Rapid are the ultimate convenient choice. When fitted, they won’t affect the aesthetics or kerb appeal of your home as thanks to their low profile they won’t be noticed from the street. Yet even though you might forget that they’re there, they’ll still be doing their job so you don’t have to. Cleaning your gutters will be a thing of the past.

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Why Invest In LeafFilter

Lifetime Warranty

Backed with a lifetime guarantee and transferable warranty.

Protects From All Debris

Keeps out every type of debris including pine, grit, seeds, and more!

Clog Free Designs

Put the ladder away for good as our product guarantees clog free gutters for life.

Professional Installation

Our gutter guards install directly on top of your current gutters — saving you money!

0% Financing

Finance your gutter guards for as low as $35/month + 0% financing.

Free Gutter Cleaning

Free gutter cleaning, sealing, and realignment is included with every installation.


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