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A common issue for homeowners the world over, not just here in the US, is dealing with the cleaning and maintaining of gutters. Gutters are obviously very important as they prevent rainwater that falls on the roofs of buildings from compromising the structural integrity or the foundations. However, because of where they are installed, they can be something of a nightmare to keep clean and maintained, as you will probably know.

That’s where we come in as resellers of LeafFilter. If you want to reduce the cost and hassle involved in looking after your gutters, keep reading for more information on how Philadelphia, PA gutter guards could help.

LeafFilter Gutter Guards: Clever, Hassle-Free and Cost-Effective

We feel that the LeafFilter Gutter Guard Philadelphia are one of the best, if not the best solution for maintaining clear and functional guttering systems on the market. They are made from highly durable and reliable material, with the frame being constructed from uPVC and the mesh screen from rust and corrosion-resistant stainless steel. They have also been designed in such a way that they will not distract from the curb appeal and aesthetic value of your home, while providing the necessary protection for your property from rainwater.

Gutter Guard Philadelphia Quick and Easy To Install

Unlike other solutions that may require you to buy completely new gutters, when you invest in Philadelphia leaf guard directly onto your existing gutter with next to no hassle. As previously noted, they won’t distract from the visual appeal of your property, because they have been built to have a low profile when installed, so from the ground you will not notice they are even there.

They draw the water away and force it to pass through the mesh due to the surface tension, so that it doesn’t sit for very long, but because the holes in the mesh are so tightly packed together and so small, there is no chance of clogging occurring, leaving dirt and debris on top.

If you are interested in finding out more or getting an estimate, please use our online quote form and we will be touch soon.

Why Invest In LeafFilter

Lifetime Warranty

Backed with a lifetime guarantee and transferable warranty.

Protects From All Debris

Keeps out every type of debris including pine, grit, seeds, and more!

Clog Free Designs

Put the ladder away for good as our product guarantees clog free gutters for life.

Professional Installation

Our gutter guards install directly on top of your current gutters — saving you money!

0% Financing

Finance your gutter guards for as low as $35/month + 0% financing.

Free Gutter Cleaning

Free gutter cleaning, sealing, and realignment is included with every installation.


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