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The Best Gutter Guards Portland

Portland, OR is famous, like much of the Pacific Northwest for the amount of rainfall it suffers from every year. As a result, gutters are extremely important for homeowners. However, as we are sure you will agree, dealing with the problems associated with gutters is not high on the list of what we actually want to be using our time for. That being said, caring for your gutters is vitally important, not just for the look and appeal of your property, to prevent that unattractive line around the edge of your roof from appearing when they are full of leaves and other debris; but to protect the structural integrity of your property and even your foundations.

At LeafFilter, we have a solution that will help make maintaining your gutters a lot simpler and easier – LeafFilter best Gutter Guard Portland.

Why Bother With Portland LeafFilter?

We have a lot of experience in the industry and have ensured that their gutter guards are among the best available, possibly even the best. As well as being designed to fit securely and directly onto existing gutters, they have been constructed using only the finest materials.

The frame or main body of them is constructed from uPVC, known for its flexibility, strength and weatherproofing. While the innovative micromesh screen that sits across the frame is crafted from stainless steel that has corrosion and rust resistance and will last for a very long time.

As noted, Portland best gutter guards have been designed to just fit onto existing gutters, so you do not need to arrange for replacement gutters to be installed before ordering one of the products. It is fixed securely to your gutters and as they have incredibly low profiles, they will not ruin the curb appeal or exterior aesthetics of your property.

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Why Invest In LeafFilter

Lifetime Warranty

Backed with a lifetime guarantee and transferable warranty.

Protects From All Debris

Keeps out every type of debris including pine, grit, seeds, and more!

Clog Free Designs

Put the ladder away for good as our product guarantees clog free gutters for life.

Professional Installation

Our gutter guards install directly on top of your current gutters — saving you money!

0% Financing

Finance your gutter guards for as low as $35/month + 0% financing.

Free Gutter Cleaning

Free gutter cleaning, sealing, and realignment is included with every installation.


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